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Bold, Brave, Fearless & Fierce
Annual Reproductive Conference
Oct. 20th, 2016


When Black Reproductive Justice meets Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism - is a literary and cultural aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, Afrocentricity, and magic realism with non-Western cosmologies in order to critique not only the present-day dilemmas of people of color, but also to revise, interrogate, and re-examine the historical events of the past.

Black Women for Wellness is examining our past & present, to shape a future that is bright and welcoming to Black women & girls, we are assessing our tool chest (media/policy/direct action/education/program services and leadership development) to determine our strategies and gather our resources to shift and lift our work ahead.


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Pretty Scary: Take Action for Kids' Cosmetic Safety

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A shocking new report released by the Breast Cancer Fund's Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed the widespread presence of toxic chemicals in children's shampoos, lip balms, makeup, nail products and face paints.

Take action to urge Congress to act now to make children's health and safety a priority!

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"14 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins in Personal Care Products" &
"Not in My Hair!" – a List of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Beauty Products

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Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story

On Tuesday March 15th @ 1PM EST / 10AM PST, Black Women for Wellness hosted a telephone press briefing on “Natural Evolutions: One Hair Story.”

This report outlines the health risks faced by Black women and girls due to a lack of federal oversight and regulation of the hair care and beauty product industry, as well as policy solutions that better support the health of Black women and girls, such as mandated education for hair care professionals on possible health ramifications.

Presenting will be Nourbese Flint, program manager, Black Women for Wellness and Teni Adewumi, program coordinator, Black Women for Wellness.

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Black Women For Wellness is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy. Standing on the rich history of the resilience and strength of our culture, we envision a future for Black women and girls where we use our power, beauty and intelligence, to pursue and attain healthy lives and families. By joining Black Women for Wellness, you add your voice to the chorus of people and institutions working toward the enhanced health and empowerment of the Black community.

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