Diabetes Alert Day
International Women’s Day – Global Food & International Wine Tasting Award Ceremony
Saturday March 8, 2014 at the Los Angeles Turner Center, 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
BWW International Women’s Day “Honoring Icons of Female Leadership” – Saturday, March 8th 2014
Join Us in Celebrating Wangari Muta Mathaai, Coretta Scott King, Ida B. Wells, and Dorothy Height…
BWW Presents International Women’s Day Awards
Honoring Karen Bass, Martha Aquello, Shanelle Matthews, and Divinity Matovu – March 8, 2014 @ Los Angeles Turner Center, 5pm – 8pm
Meet the Chefs and Sommelier of BWW International Women’s Day Global Food and Wine Event!
March 8, 2014,5pm to 8pm at the Los Angeles Turner Center
Take Our International Women’s Day Pop Quiz!
Build your knowledge for the upcoming event on March 8th @ 5pm, at the Los Angeles Turner Center!
Meet the BWW Staff
Black Women for Wellness is committed to healing, educating, and supporting Black Women!
Get Smart B4U Get Sexy
Black Women for Wellness recognizes the deep commitment African American and Black women have made to the electoral process…
Conferences and Events
For the past 10 years, Black Women Wellness hosts year-round conferences and events.
Sisters in Motion – Kitchen Divas
Join our resident Kitchen Diva Veronica Mayes-Jackson in our healthy cooking classes.
Reproductive Justice – Sisters in Control
Reproductive Justice, at its most basic, is a woman’s right to control her own body.
A monthly gathering of Sisters and Brothers creating solutions to the challenges that confront us…

About Us

Black Women for Wellness is committed to healing, educating, and supporting Black Women!

Black Women for Wellness started as sisterfriends with the Birthing Project in Los Angeles in 1999. We began as a group of women concerned about the health and well-being of our babies.As grandmothers, mothers, aunties, daughters, and sisterfriends, we found we had no choice but to take on the plethora of health issues Black women encounter.

As a non-profit, Black Women for Wellness is able to seek funding and accept donations to support our programs. BWW is a nonprofit corporation under Section 501 (c) (3) Revenue Code. Financial Contributors to BWW are tax deductible.

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    Your membership strengthens our voice and power! Black Women for Wellness is on a mission, to enhance the health and well being of Black women. We are inclusive of all folks of good intent who want to support and help us achieve this mission.

    There is a need for organized Black women’s organizations, to speak our truths, to represent our concerns, to remind power of our value, to advocate and to bring the report back to our community. Black Women for Wellness should be empowered by a concerned community, folks who share our mission of enhanced health and well being for Black women.

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