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2018 Convening – Monday, August 20th


Annual Reproductive Justice Conference


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Black Women for Wellness (BWW) convenes an annual conference to update the reproductive health status of Black women and girls and this year has been busy.

Over the last 18 months there have been and continues to be an onslaught of policies at the national level which serve to stymie, decrease and reverse the forward movement of prevention. With the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, AIDS Commission, appointment of reactionary justices, executive orders, gag rules, cabinet members focusing on destroying health systems and the fanning of racism, homophobia and gender bias, Black Women for Wellness calls our annual conference to order with the conviction: Forward Ever, Backward Never.

Who: Advocates, Activists, Leaders, Community members and health professionals seeking insights and knowledge to impact the health and well being of Black women & girls.

BWW ‘s 2018 theme focuses attention on the current political environment as it impacts access to health, health services and providers, communities of color and affirms the power held by women.


8: 45 - 9:45 am Welcome/Open Keynote

9:45 - 10:45 am Opening Panel

Building meaningful cross collaborative relationships

11:00 - 12:30 pm Workshop Block 1

12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch Panel

Role of Men and Boys in Reproductive Justice

1:30 - 3:00 pm Workshop Block 2

3:15 - 4:30 pm Power Talks (5 minute Ted Talk Style presentations)

4: 30 - 5:00 pm Call to Action

5:00 - 6:00 pm Reception


Health Status Check

These workshops will address the current reproductive health status of Black women & girls and offer insight into which levers (Power) need to be pushed and pulled to create interpersonal, structural, and institutional change.

Healthy Policy Actions

These workshops will provide skills and strategic actions to infiltrate and impact systems of oppression that affect our health and well-being. Federal laws are changing rapidly, and these changes are impacting state laws and local resource distribution.

Youth Track

These workshops will focused on providing teenagers and young adults (ages 14-22) the skills to build Power within their communities and schools.

Power Talks

During these workshops we are asking each speaker to share their work and how it impacts reproductive justice and/or the reproductive health status of women & girls.

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Behind the Chair


Black Women for Wellness Reproductive Justice 2017 Highlights

Help Women's Reproductive Rights: Defend CPC Disclosure Laws

A current Supreme Court case about 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' ('CPCs') could make it much harder for low-income pregnant women to learn about their options. CPCs present themselves as full-service women's health clinics, but are actually deceptive fronts for anti-choice organizations that mislead, frighten, and pressure women at an especially vulnerable time. 

Your contribution will help Black Women for Wellness and the Public Good Law Center--which has specialized expertise in the First Amendment issues that will decide the case--raise public awareness and prepare an important friend-of-the-court legal brief.

Please do what you can to support our fight to keep all reproductive options accessible for all women, regardless of finances and education.    

Black Women for Wellness Programs

Black Women for Wellness Sisters @ Eight

Sisters @ Eight

Sisters @ Eight is Black Women for Wellness’ community forum, which brings hot topics and major health and wellness issues to the forefront of public conversation.

Sisters in Control

Sisters in Control Reproductive Justice (SCRJ) project supports policy, utilizes programs, works with advisory councils, commissions and boards to secure reproductive justice for women and girls.

Black Women for Wellness Sisters with Options
Black Women for Wellness Sisters with Options

Sisters with Options

Sisters with Options provides strategies to empower and support women as advocates for themselves, their children and families in seeking and securing quality health services.

Sisters in Motion

Sisters in Motion is a program with goals to decrease the incidents of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity through education, lifestyle change, prevention and physical activity.

Black Women for Wellness Sisters in Motion