Other Ways to Become a Member

Become a Black Women for Wellness Member

We are inclusive of all folks of good intent who want to support and help us achieve this mission. There is a need for organized Black women’s organizations, to speak our truths, to represent our concerns, to remind power of our value, to advocate and to bring the report back to our community. Black Women for Wellness should be empowered by a concerned community, folks who share our mission of enhanced health and well being for Black women.

Your membership makes us responsible to you! We can do collectively, more than the individual, each membership gives us more strength and authority to speak our truths and to hold accountable those with resources and influence over our collective health.

Thank you for your support of Black Women for Wellness! We value your membership. If you have any questions, please email willie@bwwla.com or call 323.290.5955.


There are additional methods to pay for BWW membership:


Download Membership Application (pdf)

Please print application, complete and mail to P.O. Box 292516, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Pease include check or credit card information. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH VIA THE MAIL.



Please stop by our office on 4340 11th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008 in Leimert Park.
Fill out an application and submit cash, check or your credit card information.



Contact Jan Robinson at (323) 290-5955 to discuss membership for organizations with budgets of $250,000 and more.


It feels good to support community based organizations who are working to make our lives better, it puts your money where your values are…after all our check books are a reflection of us… Black Women for Wellness speaks to the holistic health of Black women, we do not separate by body part, disease and/or current trend. We attempt to be inclusive of all Black women not simply African American women with our programs and activities. We network, communicate and share information in the community about the community.

We affirm our culture at each and every event, program and activity – because it is important to us and to our survival. Black Women for Wellness builds on our strengths and keeps a vision of the future in sight. But we need your assist via memberships and donations – take a moment to join Black Women for Wellness during March – International Women’s Month…already a member, we appreciate your recruitment of new members, share the wealth with colleagues, associates, friends, book club members, women/men in need, of like mind and who are seeking a community based organization to support.

Oh yes, we accept donations also, for those of you may not want to join just yet. And yes, your membership may be anonymous, for those of you who prefer to remain anonymous. Black Women for Wellness is a non profit organization and donations are deductible. As you complete your tax returns keep this in mind for next year.

A word to the brothers, yes, you can also become a member of Black Women for Wellness – brothers are our backbone and we love you. Sisters @ Eight is transitioning to Brothers & Sisters @ Eight, to be even more inclusive of the voices of Black men, those in our lives, those working side by side with us to enhance our health and well being, those who know the value of a Black woman and those who stand in support because it is the right thing to do and because you know it comes full circle to you. Brothers have voice in Black Women for Wellness!

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