Press Release – Legislators side with FireFighters

“Every single life is valuable, and no one should fall victim to fire injury or death. Firefighters can protect the lives of others and their own life better if this law is passed,” says Tony Stefani, cancer survivor and founder and current President of the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation, and retired Captain of the San Francisco Fire Department.

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4 05 2011

AB 1319 BPA Fact Sheet

AB 1319 would limit the amount of BPA allowed in baby bottles and sippy cups. Specifically, the bill would prohibit the manufacture, sale, or distribution of the above products designed for children 3 and younger
that contain more than 0.1 parts per billion (ppb) of BPA. This is a feasible detection level, as the FDA used this detection level in studies to find BPA in 1996, and Canada also more recently used this detection level. Most other states use a zero detection level in their legislation. The bill would not apply to any other consumer product or to food or food containers for the general population.

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23 04 2011