Fire Safety – Remove TB117

A California furniture flammability standard called Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117) has led...

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20 02 2013

AB 154

Black Women for Wellness believes that all women have a to right to make decisions about their bodies based solely on personal and medical reasons not political ones.

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23 01 2013

AB 2348 Information

Black Women for Wellness is happy to support AB2348, that will expand women’s access to timely, effective and safe birth control from a trusted and qualified provider.

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23 08 2012

Fact Sheet AB 2348

Did you know that across California, many women still lack timely access to birth control? Women in underserved regions of the state face significant delays in accessing hormonal contraceptives because of a lack of providers who can furnish these medications. As a result, many women face long waiting periods for an appointment, sit in waiting rooms for hours before being seen, or must drive long distances to access a provider. Because of the necessity for timeliness when using birth control, these barriers can place women at greater risk of unintended pregnancy.

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23 08 2012

AB 52: Health Insurance Rate Approval

AB 52 strengthens and expands upon existing federal and state laws for health insurance rate
review. Under the federal Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148), the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services must establish a process for reviewing unreasonable health insurance rate increases. Before implementing an unreasonable increase, health insurers must submit and publicly post online a justification for such an increase. Draft regulations for rate increase disclosure and review are pending.

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11 08 2012