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“I’m not a vegetable person. But these classes show me recipes that I want to take home and use. That’s why I keep coming back!” – Kitchen Divas participant

Kitchen Divas originally started as a pilot program with research goals that asked the question; will women participating in a series of healthy cooking classes that include professionally guided education discussion and peer support, reduce their risk and increase health and well being through modification of nutrition knowledge, cooking practices and eating habits, and preventive health practices?

Healthy lifestyle dietary objectives:

a. Enhance knowledge, attitudes and behavior about cardiovascular, heart, and breast health and cancer risk reduction.
b. Expand healthful food preparation knowledge and skills (food purchase and cooking practices) and
c. Increase nutrition (increase fruits, vegetable and fiber and decrease fats and preserved meats)

Kitchen Divas is completely interactive. Taste testing throughout the class is an popular feature for participants. Depending on the recipe, participants cut, chop, stir, add, blend, mix – and are completely involved in trying out the recipes.

Please come early enough to be prepared to begin the session on time. We know food preparation takes time, as well the planning for food preparation by the participants (i.e. setting up work stations, laying out food and utensils)

The most often asked question about Kitchen Divas – “Is it for vegetarians?”

While we are not trying to convert folks to being a vegetarian, we are focused on increasing the fruits and vegetables in our diets. The answer is: this class is for those who are looking for delicious and exciting ways to eat healthier and learning new recipes to add to their menu planning.

The Kitchen Divas experience means that participants will have participated in the preparation of and sampled new foods and tools for creating menus full of awesome recipes.

A Day in the Life of a Kitchen Diva

Kitchen Diva Program Sites

We love spreading the word on good health and well-being through nutrition, physical fitness and recipes for good health. Black Women for Wellness currently offers programs at the following sites:

11025733_906744829375807_5020948679778458248_n_MikaWeingartYMCA KD_YMCAWeingart_2015_2KD_AlexCheryl_1

Kitchen Divas at the LIFE Center  in the Weingart
YMCA Wellness & Aquatic Center
9900 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044
Every Friday
March 4, 11, 18, and 25th
April 1, 15, 22 and 29th
2pm – 4pm
*These classes are subsidized, so admission is free to the community. Donations are welcomed!

L.A. Care Health Plan Inglewood Resource Center (OPEN CLASS)
March  15 and 22
April 12 and 19
5:30 to 7:00pm
2nd and 3rd Tuesdays
L.A. Care Family Resource Center
3111 W. Century Blvd. Suit 100
Inglewood, CA 90303
*This class is subsidized, so admission is free to the community.

More Sites coming soon! Don’t forget to check in with us!

For more info or to make a reservation please call 323 290 5955.

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These programs are made possible in  partnership with  Kaiser Community Benefit West Los Angeles and L.A. Care Health Plan.

Kitchen Diva Recipes and Info Cards

Open SUPERF FOODS: COCONUT as a PDF: coconut final



Other Kitchen Divas Experiences

Cooking Parties Hosted by Kitchen Divas


Not only will a Kitchen Diva help you plan your party including themes and menus, the Kitchen Diva will host your event, guiding you and your party guests through fun, delicious recipes. We will even do the shopping, depending on the party package you choose.

Kitchen Divas plan plant-based menus, focusing on vegetables and fruits to promote healthy eating choices and healthy lifestyles. You will learn awesome new recipes that will inspire you. For package options and pricing, contact 323.290.5955 or email with subject line: KD Cooking Party.


Tips on Planning a Cooking Party


1.  Decide on a theme. It can be food based: Recipes with Strawberries. Or it can be geographically inspired: Hawaiian recipes. Or even food type: A Day of Appetizers. Anything that gets you excited about trying new recipes.

2. Find recipes that fit your theme. Create a menu – however big or small. Recommendation is at least five recipes from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. You can also include some awesome beverage recipes such as flavored waters, homemade fruit drinks or fruit-filled sangrias.

3. Invite friends and/or family who will enjoy cooking as the entertainment.

4. You can be responsible for shopping for all the groceries/cooking equipment or you can divide recipes among your guests for them to bring.

5. Time to party. Small groups can work on all recipes together or divide into  teams per recipe for larger parties.

6. Have fun cooking! And eating as you go! And discovering exciting recipes!

Sounds fun, but want to leave the party planning to us? No problem. Ask for the Kitchen Divas experience and get ready for an awesome, delicious time.


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