Sisters In Control

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Sisters in Control Reproductive Justice (SCRJ) project supports policy, utilizes programs, works with advisory councils, commissions and boards to secure reproductive justice for women and girls.

Reproductive Justice (RJ) Policy Work

SCRJ sponsors and/or supports bills that affect the reproductive health choices of women and girls. Also, the SCRJ team partners on coalitions with other RJ organizations in California and throughout the nation. Learn more about Black Women for Wellness’ Reproductive Policy Work.

Get Smart B4 U Get Sexy

Get Smart supports peer advocates working to shift attitudes on sex and sexuality through comprehensive sex and sexuality education. This program promotes “smart as sexy and making sex smart.” Visit

Environmental Justice (EJ)

Environmental Justice engages community members to influence local, state and national level policies that regulate the safety of chemical use in cosmetics and personal care products. Our EJ works also includes the Perfectly Natural project focusing on toxin exposure in beauty and nail salons. Learn more about Black Women for Wellness’ Environmental Justice Work.

Civic Engagement and Voter Education

Our civic engagement and voter education work increases the electoral and political power of Black women through voter education, registration and outreach during and between elections.
Learn more about Black Women for Wellness’ Civic Engagement and Voter Education.

Perfectly Natural

Perfectly Natural is an environmental health and justice project that generates and publishes community driven research by working with beauty professionals, hair stylists and nail technicians and studying the impact of chemical use on health status. Learn more about Black Women for Wellness’ Perfectly Natural.

Contact Us or call (323) 290-5955 to learn more about the program, events and volunteer opportunities.


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