Trust Black Women of California

There are those who believe they should control Black women’s reproduction like during slavery. They believe in population control and use false compassion for children to disguise a racist and sexist agenda. Our opponents are manipulative, zealous, and immoral. They lie using religion as a cover. They try to use combination of guilt and force to undermine our human rights. They manipulate our history, our concerns about medical mistreatment, and our real collective pain about genocide and slavery to spin stories about Black women being the stupid pawns of doctors. They claim that Black women can’t be trusted. They accuse us of practicing genocide on our people when we stand up for ourselves.

Our opponents are on the wrong side of the struggle for justice and human rights. While all of them may not be racist, they are at least racially-challenged. We don’t fight for conservative causes that betray the people who have sacrificed for our freedom.

We don’t need fanatics to tell us what to do. Black women make decisions every day about whether to parent or not, not just whether to give birth. Those who think they should dictate our choices won’t be there when the child is born, to help us fight for better education, increase child care, keep our kids out of jail, send our children to college, or get affordable health care. Black women fight for ourselves and we fight to uplift our people. Our opponents either stand in the way or fail to help.

We have already stopped anti-abortion legislation in 2010 targeting Black women in Georgia. We expect them to come back and try again. We’re taking our opponents on around the country wherever they appear. New billboards are in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Illinois. We will fight these fanatics who use lies and distortions who try to manipulate our community.

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