2017 – Submit Your Nomination Bring a Brother to Breakfast

Black Women for Wellness Bring a Brotha to Breakfast 2017

Greetings Black Women for Wellness community!

We are asking the community of BWW to nominate the brothers in their lives for this award – to spread the love, each year you have brought brothers to breakfast and we have no idea who those brothers are and why you choose to bring them to the breakfast. We want to know more. This does not mean you need to only bring brothers to breakfast you want to receive an award or that you should only bring a brother you nominated to the breakfast. It is simply expanding the idea that members have men in our lives who not only need information, the company of Black Women for Wellness  but are deserving of recognition for the role they have in making us whole.

How to Nominate a Brotha:

Please include the following in your nomination:

  1. How long has he (the brother) been celebrating you, helping, supporting and making it happen in your life
  2. His work and/or contribution to the Black/African American community
  3. His work and/or contribution to Black/African American women & girls
  4. Include why he deserves this award in specific from the community of stakeholders Black Women for Wellness serves
  5. What difference this award will make in his life
  6. Include his contact information: Name Telephone & E-mail
  7. Give us his age (or range if that is a bit too personal)
  8. Tell us a little about his family, married, children, mentor or other tidbits we should all know

1 page due by May 12, 2017

This 1 page will be read at Bring A Brother so please have him hold the date – as well you to read the paragraph at our event should the nomination be confirmed – Thanks for playing with us 🙂

About Bring a Brotha to Breakfast

Many of you enjoy and participate with Bring A Brother to Breakfast each year, thank you, we have big fun too.

This year Black Women for Wellness Bring A Brother To Breakfast is on June 9, 2017. Our team is excited about increasing your participation and we are hoping you will be excited too…here is how you can join in the fun; a volunteer with our planning committee and/or b. nominate a brother and of course c. bring a brother to breakfast on June 9th.

BWW introduced our Bring A Brother to Breakfast award in 2011, highlighting and giving awards to brothers we felt needed and deserved the love and recognition for all the hard work and effort put in with our community. It was a well-received effort as not only did the brothers receiving the awards enjoy the love, but many of the brothers in the audience felt the sincerity and warmth in which the awards were given.

It was not about being a father, Black Women for Wellness awards are simply about men who hold up women, who respect and honor women & girls, who show up, hands on and with little fanfare. We are looking at defining our own models of manhood and showcasing those models. BWW, our members, community and you will be acknowledging the brother(s) who help, support and back us up on a daily bases – the hands in/on brother