Board of Directors

Auleria Eakins Photo

Auleria Eakins

Auleria Eakins is a native Angeleno and graduate of California State University Dominguez Hills where she received a B.S. degree in Health Science with a concentration in Health Care Management, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Auleria is currently Manager of Community Outreach and Education for L.A. Care Health Plan. She is proud mom to her son Jackson and volunteers countless hours working with adolescents and adults to promote health access and advocacy in low income and vulnerable populations. Ms. Eakins is the Board Chair for Black Women for Wellness and she is a member of The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society of Public Administrators, American Society for Training and Development and Theta Upsilon Sigma Alumni Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.

Dr. Arameh Anvarizadeh

Dr. Arameh Anvarizadeh is the Black Women for Wellness board secretary. She is an alumna of the University of Southern California, with a doctorate in Occupational Therapy and Science with an emphasis in Public Health. Dr. Anvarizadeh first partnered with Black Woman for Wellness while implementing her doctoral proposal, Project Active: a Lifestyle Redesign Program for the Sandwiched Generation. Dr. Anvarizadeh is passionate about the Black Women for Wellness mission and is excited about its future endeavors.

Black Women for Wellnes, Jom Rivers

Jom Rivers

My name is Jom Rivers and engage with policy makers, advocate for legislative and administrative policies to positively impact our communities, and strive hard to keep community members engaged with the decision making happening around them.

“Yaw” Frederick L. Davis

“Yaw” Frederick L. Davis began his professional career in engineering after graduating in 1984 from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Mr. Davis has worked in engineering for 26 years; this includes a six year position as a Design Engineer with Parker Hannifin Corporation and 20 years with the Boeing Company as Design Engineer, Project Engineer and Engineering Research and Development Manager. Mr. Davis earned his private pilot license in 1993 and has logged over 250 flight hours in Cessna 150’s, 152’s, 172’s and Robin aircrafts. Mr. Davis has taken aerobatic training and is certified to perform maneuvers such as loops, aileron rolls, snap rolls, hammerhead stalls and inverted flight. Bessie Coleman, the first African American pilot to obtain a flying license, male or female, inspired Mr. Davis to learn the art of performing aerobatics.

Renee Featherstone Black Women for Wellness Board of DirectorsRenee Featherstone

Renee Featherstone is an empowerment coach, author, facilitator and speaker. Ms. Featherstone coaches individuals from the life they live to the life they love, by providing tools to assist them in achieving purpose and growth in their lives. She facilitates personal growth and empowerment seminars for men, women, teens, and prison inmates through her company, Into the Light. She is co-author of the best-selling book and multimedia book, “Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts That Came Wrapped in Sandpaper,” and has authored an ebook, “Nine Strategies to Ignite Your Life." Ms Featherstone is a Toastmasters International “Best Speaker” award winner, actress and spoken word artist.

Claudie Kiti Bustamante

Black Women for Wellness Founder Claudie Bustamante

Rev. Dr. Queen Adwoa Afi Nyamekye, Board Director, Emeritus

Rev. Dr. Queen Adwoa Afi Nyamekye, is an African-centered Spiritual Healing Therapist, Religious Science Practitioner, Noetic Science Practitioner, Life Tutor and Community Empowerment and Evolvement Specialist. Her mission is to "be the vehicle/voice through which God enters the world to love and serve all life." Queen Adwoa is dedicated to assisting communities (her emphasis on women and youth) in becoming self-sustaining and self-reliant by uncovering their unique qualities and great potential, collectively and individually as divine expressions of Universal Spirit, with the power to, “Create their own music, sing their own song and dance their own dance.” Queen Adwoa, is currently the President of the Black Employee’s Association, based in Los Angeles. She is active in numerous civic, educational, community-based, national and international organizations and serves on several corporate and community-based boards. Queen is founder and CEO of Gye Nyame (one with God) Spiritual & Personal Evolvement, and the New Beginnings Truth Seekers Spiritual Circle. She is co-founder of The Higher Learning Healing Circle of Sisters & Brothers, and Sisters International.