2017 – Submit Your Nomination Bring a Brother to Breakfast

Greetings Black Women for Wellness community! We are asking the community of BWW to nominate the brothers in their lives for this award – to spread the love, each year you have brought brothers to breakfast and we have no idea who those brothers are and why you choose to bring them to the breakfast.…

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The Empowered Lifestyle Coach by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

Your life experience can light a fire or motivation in your participants. Unlike celebrity spokespeople on TV, you are a live, flawed, flesh and bone person just like them. The power of your personal story is more relatable and inspiring than you can imagine. Your story is as helpful as any information they may glean…

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Must-Read Literature for Black History Month

Too Heavy a Load celebrates this century’s rich history of black women defending themselves, from Ida B. Wells to Anita Hill. Although most prominently a history of the century-long struggle against racism and male chauvinism, Deborah Gray White also movingly illuminates black women’s painful struggle to hold their racial and gender identities intact while feeling…

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