Civic Engagement and Voter Education

Sisters in Control Civic Engagement and Voter Education increases the electoral and political power of Black women through voter education, registration and outreach during and between elections.

Building Black Women’s Vote

“Black Women are the Most Powerful Voting Bloc in America. Now, more than ever, the way we use our voices is paramount in shaping our future.” ~ The Power of the Sisters – Essence Magazine August 2015

Black Women have been the only race/gender group that has consistently showing up and showing out to vote. In the last Presidential election, over 70% of black women registered voters voted. That was more than any other ethnic group or gender in the U.S. However when it comes to getting the bang for our voting buck Black women are losing out. Recent research coming out of the University of California has stated that black women, regardless of socioeconomic status are the most likely to be overlooked in policy decisions.

Black Women for Wellness launched our Voting Rules Everything Around Me campaign in 2012 to build up the electoral power of black women. BWW is not only making sure Black women get to the polls, but that we are hold our elected officials accountable to our communities.

This year we:

  • Co-sponsored an accountability conversations with newly elected city council member Marqueece Harris Dawson.
  • Co-hosted reproductive justice briefing (see reproductive justice briefing for more information).
  • Canvassed 10,000 homes in Los Angeles area.
  • Conducted over 40 phone banks.
  • Hosted 10 community forums.
  • Hosted two Lobby Days in Sacramento.
  • Hosted on one educational day to meet elected officials in Washington D.C.
  • Recruited over 75 volunteers.
  • Hosted 4 volunteer trainings.
  • Hosted 8 reproductive justice trainings.
  • Registered over 30 black women to vote.

√ Snapshot Black Women Voters
In a recent poll conducted by Essence Magazine, almost all the Black women polled were registered to vote, with only a small minority that wasn’t, and of those who were registered all were planning to get registered. The top issues nationally that came up for Black women were healthcare, state violence/ policing and increasing the minimum wage.

Locally Black Women for Wellness conducted it’s own survey of Los Angeles County black women residents. Of the results Access to Health Care, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Media images of Black women girl were the biggest issues.