Get Smart B4 U Get Sexy

Get Smart B4U Get Sexy supports peer advocates working to shift attitudes on sex and sexuality through comprehensive sex and sexuality education. This program promotes “smart as sexy and making sex smart.”


Reproductive Justice Training

Every year Black Women for Wellness host several RJ trainings for both new volunteers within the organizations as well as allied organizations wanting to learn more about reproductive justice. This year we have been able to host 8 trainings, training over 125 people. The volunteers we’ve trained around reproductive justice had been able to use their new skills on several different lobby and education trips we had throughout the year with legislatures.


Sex Speaks

To engage black women in the age ranges between 18-30, Black Women for Wellness started sex speaks. A collaborative of young black women creating art and media around black women’s sexual lives and identities. We were able to host our first show in April where we had women read their personal sex stories through essay, poetry and spoken word. Followed up with group discussion on the needs of young black women when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships and good reproductive and sexual health. The collaborative that was incubated within BWW has now spun off into it’s own performance art collaborative and is doing shows around Los Angeles County.


Spring into Love

April 2, 2015 marked the 3rd year anniversary of Spring into Love hosted by Black Women for Wellness. Spring into Love is a youth led, sexual and reproductive health conference which provides a day for youth to learn about various health topics from peer leaders with the support of community based organizations from East and South Los Angeles. Over 170 youth were in attendance on April 2nd and everyone came from different parts of Los Angeles from Lynwood to Compton to Exposition Park. Spring into Love came together as a program to address the reproductive and sexual health disparities that dramatically affect people of Color and the South Los Angeles community – particularly the high rates of sexually transmitted infections among Black and Latina women who are 25 and under.

Youth leaders and adult allies recognize that when looking at sexual and reproductive health statistics many people see the issue as an individual problem where many are quick to say “they aren’t responsible”, “they shouldn’t be having sex” when in fact the reason why there are high disparities among different populations is due to lack of access to information, social, economic and political power and resources. Spring into Love is a fun, dynamic day that builds collaboration among community members, organizations and elected officials.

“Today was really fun because it gave us a lot of information on topics of the sexual nature. Like birth control and how to do it safely.” - Luna, Dominguez High School

“I heard about Spring into Love via email. I was like I am there. Events that promote health and wellness is so important especially for young people.”

“I learned about rape. The way I was looking at it – I thought it is not my problem. But listening to the stories it gave me more insight and it is my duty to step in and stop those situations from occurring.”

“Spring into Love is amazing. This is my 3rd year. I have been coming since the beginning. It is an amazing experience and I believe everyone should experience it.”- Alfonso, Fremont High School Gardena High school